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BeachfrontAre you looking for a fun, gay-friendly getaway? Miami Florida is the place to go to experience a sociable, open and beautiful atmosphere for gay men and women alike. The many attractions, diverse shopping districts, delicious restaurants and gorgeous beaches can entertain you during the long hot days, and the bars and clubs can make your evenings even hotter! If the torrid nightlife is not your style, make sure you check out one of Miami’s world-class hotels to relax the night away in with your paramour. Miami’s residents are quite welcoming and open-minded, so get ready to meet some fun new friends!

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    1. Hey,

      I am a student looking into LGBT Tourism in Miami.

      I was wondering if you had time to answer two questions for me please:

      1) What are the main determinants that drive you to Miami for tourism? (For example their tourist centre, friendliness, history etc)

      2) Why do you believe Miami is not as popular as it historically used to be with the LGBT community?

      If you could help, I would be really grateful.

      Thank you !

      1. Greetings Georgia,

        First off, wow, what an interesting field of study! I would be happy to answer you.

        #1 I have a lot of friends in Miami, it didn’t start out that way at first, but when I went to the 12th Street Beach just because I was staying at a nearby hotel back in 2006 I thought, “Wow, this is a mecca of attraction!”
        I was caught gazing by my BF of 2 years (what a horrible ending that relationship had), but I digress.
        Anyways we chatted, swam, ate on the beach, and he introduced me to his circle of friends, including my now current husband Javier. It was the perfect start to a business trip… that I ended up having to postpone meetings for 😉
        Every time I went back to Miami over the years it just seemed magical. I found it a lot more accepting and loving of a city than any I have been in before… except maybe San Fransciso (that was also ammmmaaaaazzzzing).

        #2 I think recently the terrorist shooting at Orlando nightclub may have just painted Florida with a broad brush stroke, but the friends I know are acknowledging the losses, dealing with it, and not letting it get us down.
        Where you thinking there were other reasons for Miami to be less popular? I am not sure if I answered your questions fully.

        Toodles for now!

  1. Thank you for mentioning Twist. Last night it was such a fun time and a great way to relax after a long business flight. Got me rejuvenated (aka wrecked) prior to meeting with clients in the AM. Highly recommended. For all those travelers check it out:

    ‘Never a Cover, Always a Groove’
    South Beach – 1057 Washington Ave , Miami Beach, FL

  2. Haulover Beach. Visit this beach it is amazing and I promise you will not regret it. Seriously, this is the spot to go when you are in Miami. I loved it!

  3. I came from Russia to see this beautiful city, and I was not disapointed. It was so good to be able to show who I am in public, which for me is very rare. Russia does not like gay people. I went to the places you mentioned and they were so very friendly. I had a great time here.

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