What to do in Miami – Dayman!

I just came back from a great trip in Miami, so I’ll do a brief recap of the best sights and places that I saw when I was there. I highly recommend Miami for its beautiful beaches (and people) and its welcoming nightlife. If you don’t go to the clubs like I do, there’s still many more interesting things to see and do. I’m going to split my post into 2 sections, things you can do in the daytime and places to go at night, so if you’re only interested in one of those things you don’t have to read a bunch of stuff to get to the goods.

12th St Beach – This is one of the best beaches in Miami to check out all the oiled up men. There isn’t as much for the ladies here I’m afraid, as it is often mostly gay men who populate this area. The two gay pride flags will show you the way! I loved this beach – the sand was gorgeous, as was the view. There are people out on the beach doing activities like frisbee and volleyball, if that’s your thing. It is also within walking distance of lots of cute shops and restaurants.

12th street beach miami
12th street beach miami

Haulover Beach – This is the place to go if you are clothing-optional. I quite enjoyed it here but also found it really crowded, as it is a very popular spot with local Miami residents as well. I happened to go on a weekend, but I heard it is a little less crowded on weekdays, which makes sense as then it would be more tourists. Lots of things to do at this beach; there were a bunch of kites up in the air, and I noticed a tennis court and a dog park as well.

3rd St Beach – Although not technically a gay beach, this one was recommended to me and should not be missed. Very popular with gay men, and Latin men especially. Everyone was very friendly, and were definitely there to be ogled. The sand was very nice here, and I had a good time people watching. I’m not much of a swimmer, but I did see a lot of people in the water.

Ocean Drive – This area is the Art Deco district of Miami, and it does not disappoint. I saw a lot of gorgeous shops on this street, and wish I had the money to get something from all of them. Lots of boutiques so you can find something for that special someone in your life. It also has a bunch of restaurants to choose from, with a range of cuisine. Of course I did not miss the famous Sunday Brunchic Drag Show at The Palace, and I would advise you not miss it either. It was an absolute blast! I also ate at Big Pink, on Collins Ave which is really close by and I would recommend it. Good, simple food and a delightful atmosphere.

Lincoln Road – If shopping is what you’re into, Lincoln Road is the best! Lots of chain stores here, of course, but there are also a lot of smaller stores and designer fare, so really there is something for everyone. I shopped all day here and then went to Happy Hour at Balan’s, a gay-friendly bar right on Lincoln Rd. I stayed near here so I also checked out Doraku Izakaya for sushi and drinks one night, and it was delicious.

There are so many things to see and do in Miami! If I had endless money I would travel to all of the places and come back with reviews for you. If you’re thinking of booking a trip to Miami Beach, I would highly recommend it as I found it very welcoming and beautiful. There are many more things to do than I listed here, and if you’re lucky you could even plan your travel in April for their Gay Pride Festival.

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